Barbie Barbie Barbie

I used to love Barbie (still *a lil bit* of love now haha).
I've been doin an assignment which each and one of us have to choose on what we wanna be in a diff life.
I choose to be a doll. May it be a barbie or a mannequin...i'll see whatever i end up looking like.hihi;P
So here are some of the pix that I've been Googling and would like to share with ya'll..

the new and old barbie in bathing suit

old and new. i got scared with the old barbie when i was smaller;P

love the ad(:

this one too(:

M.A.C's ad. loving it too(:

Lagerfeld Bottle ad. Colette. Smart!

still smart

love barbie's dress(:

love the three of 'em on top(:

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