Barbie Barbie Barbie NS

I used to love Barbie (still *a lil bit* of love now haha).
I've been doin an assignment which each and one of us have to choose on what we wanna be in a diff life.
I choose to be a doll. May it be a barbie or a mannequin...i'll see whatever i end up looking like.hihi;P
So here are some of the pix that I've been Googling and would like to share with ya'll..

the new and old barbie in bathing suit

old and new. i got scared with the old barbie when i was smaller;P

love the ad(:

this one too(:

M.A.C's ad. loving it too(:

Lagerfeld Bottle ad. Colette. Smart!

still smart

love barbie's dress(:

love the three of 'em on top(:

now..the cultured barbie. barbie from Sumatra~

belly dancing barbie

Empress of the Golden Blossom Barbie Doll from Korea maybe

old fashioned Indian barbie

the new one i guess. something like Hindustan?

Red Indians? Africans?

the stars.. Kimora Lee Simmons (doesn't look the same tho)

the dress is pretty for Shakira i think(:

Mi Lady Gaga(:

Leona Lewis look alike

you know the movie right? i don't remember the name.haha

in The Simpson(:

Cynthia! Angelica's barbie in Rugrats. Used to be my fav back then when I was in primary school

you die hard Twilight fans must go awww on this~ Bella and Edward

Alice and Victoria. I want Victoria. I like her (altho she's bad.hehe)(:

girl's fav. not mine. i mean he's cute, but yeahh wtv~

everyday barbie with her fashion line up

the posh/sassy looking barbies

the bitchy mean girls barbie

the innocent-so-90's barbies

the most handsome Ken but whatttt?the shades, the shirt, the PINK tie and the slacks? Cut it out pls~

the hippie barbie

beach bondi. surfer girl barbie. i think i have this.hehe

love the hair!

love the dress!

love the shoes!

love the LBD

adorable. love to have one(:

love to have it as a collection(:


Louboutin shoes!<3

love this!

me would love tah read it!

awesome pix!

one of my fav pix of barbie(:



if i'm still 10 y.o, i would love to hang this in my room(:

love to have this in my room too!

wish i could have this. would love to donate it to the orphans(:

errr...what was she thinkin? it's too big yo mama!


to the bad barbie part (ok i maybe exaggerate a bit) :

anorex yeah~

deadly barbie. isshe a vamp?yea think so~

euwwy barbie (i bet this must be in art exhibition or something)

and this one~

and this one too~

commiting suicide or someone is killing her?

fatso barbie~

still fat

hookah barbie

hobo pregnant barbie

tattooed barbie. parents been complaining a lot on this so called *role model* doll for girls

close up tattooed barbie

old barbie. it's the barbie now (not the grandma) i think. she's 50..remember?haha

the preggy babrie

bad mommy with her kids. alcoholic, smoking pregnant lady~

dead barbie. drunken, partied all night barbie found dead in Hill St.

you-know-what barbie

they said it (in the pict)

sorority sisters partyin naked!

p/s: owh yea,i forgot to put the barbie in toys story;P

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