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Cyber Monday Deals

Fashion Design Artist Tote Set
40% OFF!!!

Act Now (as supplies are limited), and get this Barbie Artist Tote Set for ONLY $14.99

Designing a wardrobe for Barbie is easier than ever thanks to the Barbie Fashion Design Artist Tote. This hip tote bag comes with color markers, stencil designs, glamorous stickers, and a sketch portfolio notebook for all your trendy creations. Use your markers, stencils, and unique fashion sense to design super cute styles for Barbie. Chic Tote Bag Ideal for any aspiring fashionista, the Barbie style tote bag is great for carrying your fashion portfolio, design materials, and anything else you might need for easy designing on-the-go.

The tote features a fun black-and-white polka-dot pattern, Barbie images, and two black shoulder straps. Essential Fashion Design Portfolio Draft your creative designs in the handy spiral-bound portfolio notebook.

The book contains 40 sketch pages that alternate between five fun scenes: "Day at the Beach," "Fabulous Fashion," "Glamorous," "Shopping," and "What to Wear?" When you're finished with a design, slip it into the organized compartments of your artist tote. Fun Fashion-Forward Tools What is an artist without her supplies?

This cool kit comes with 10 colorful markers, 52 unique stencil designs, and 77 glamorous stickers, giving you endless possibilities for fashion creations. The kit also includes full-color instructions, which offers you style ideas and a starter lesson on color theory. What's in the Box Shoulder tote, 10 markers, design sketch portfolio, 52 stencil designs, 77 foil stickers, and instructions.

  • Item model number: 22276
  • Barbie artist shoulder tote
  • Barbie fashion design sketch portfolio containing 40 barbie formatted sketch pages
  • 4 removable plastic stencil sheets with 52 stencil shapes
  • 77 foil stickers
  • Instructions included

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Only 6 Available!

Amazon Link: Cyber Monday Deals: Barbie Fashion Design Artist Tote


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