Antiques Roadshow Primer : Guide to Antiques and Collectibles


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Antiques Roadshow Primer :
The Introductory Guide to Antiques and Collectibles

When asked, the little (4-5yr old) girl said;
"My mommy put me in the dumpster and, and... I picked it up"

From that moment forward to today, dumpsters have no longer been the exclusive Treasure Chest for the homeless. As the item that the little girl had found? Was an oil painting worth over $250,000.00 Dollars!

The Antiques Roadshow. The most popular show on PBS, every week it draws millions and millions of viewers to the edge of their seats as independent dealers and specialists from the country's leading auction houses appraise family heirlooms and flea market finds alike. Now this knowledge, authority, and passion is distilled in the Antiques Roadshow Primer, an introductory guide to American Antiques and collectibles.

Focusing on 11 major areas --including Furniture, Painting, Silver, Jewelry, Porcelain, and Toys-- the Antiques Roadshow Primer addresses the essential things buyers and collectors need to know, covering vital details for each category, such as shapes, styles, and patterns, provenance, periods, and motifs.

A 32-page full-color section amplifies each chapter by illustrating numerous examples of styles and techniques, and individual items are fully identified, often with their appraised value. Above all, it helps even first-timers to answer the two key question every collector must face: Is it old? Is it valuable?

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  • Brand: PBS
  • Published on: 1999-12
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 1.20" h x 7.38" w x 9.22" l, 2.11 pounds
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 320 pages

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Link: Antiques Roadshow Primer : The Introductory Guide to Antiques and Collectibles from the Most-Watched Series on PBS
By Carol Prisant

Note: Although the Antiques Roadshow Primer does not specifically cover Barbie doll collecting, it is, in My humble opinion, a Must Have for all collectors. ~ Ken


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