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Hollie-miller's travel blog in Praha, Czech Republic. She went on 24 of June 2006 for 4 days. She went for tourism, interest or hobby. Hollie-miller went with a friend. She got there and around by walking. Hollie-Miller's travel verdict is: recommended.
Carnival Barbie
Carnival Barbie
For those of you who have visited Prague you would agree that there is no end of things to do, whether it be drinking wine for breakfast, eating only meats or taking in the sights of the old cobbled town, none of it compared to my afternoon visit to the Toy Museum.
Situated in the grounds of the castle, on this particular day they had an exhibition we just could not resist. "Barbie Exhibition" read my sister in a squeal so high local dogs were alerted to it. So in we went.
We learned about Barbies journey from cartoon strip to pneumatic creation to various styles throughout the decades. Truly educational!!
An icon who put us to shame we marvelled over her outfits, her collection of friends and many incarnations some a bit more disturbing (pregnant Barbie) than others (Barbie works for PETA).
The Toy museum itself is a wee gem, full of things triggering the nostalgic feelings of desperately "wanting one of those". And if you feel that you may have betrayed yourself you can always step outside and take in some real culture at the cathedral or castle.

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