Barbie Fashion Show

Barbie Fashion Show PC Game is an an absolutely Fabulous game that provides not only entertainment, but a medium by which you can develop the Fashion Designer in you... uh, I mean your child, of course.

But seriously girls, the Barbie Fashion Show PC Game, isn't just a game. It's a whole world of Fashion Education. But wait a minute...

Ann Morris writes;
..."unfortunately it's not a learning game! ...It has many diferrent areas to complete before you finish each fasion show and there are about 10 fashion shows, then you can continue doing different fashion shows of your choice. After each show you get more choices of clothing, hair, shoes, stages, music, fabric, so on and so forth. You even get to choose which model gets to wear each outfit."

Well, Ann. By your own description, it sounds like your pretty much learning how to Run a fashion show to me. Oh maybe it doesn't have a complete Business Course. But you can always Hire a business manager. And I should also note that Ann gave the Barbie Fashion Show a 5 Star rating, with a special notation of "FANTASTIC".

An in deed that is the description that I have heard most often in all of the reviews I have read. Well, except for C. Morse who writes;
"Love It!!! A great game whether you like Barbie or not. My granddaughter spends hours playing this game. It is a very creative, interactive and fun product that can be played over and over again without being boring. My granddaughter played it so much in the last two years that she wore out the CD and I had to find another one to purchase, because she was so disappointed that she didn't have it to play anymore. I would definitely recommend this product. Truly worth the price."
I highlighted the "years" in her review as I think it important to point out that the Barbie Fashion Show Game, isn't something that you or your child will play with for a while, and then quit. Well, unless of course, you shouldn't be in the Fashion Show business?

At any rate, (and even if you shouldn't be in the fashion show business). The Barbie Fashion Show Game will give you hours and even YEARS of fun as the one part I left out of Ann Morris' review was;
We gave my 5 year old this for Christmas. Everyone played it and she's still playing it months later. It's by far her favorite game... her grandfather even plays around with it.

Her Grandfather? Now ladies, this is just going too far! I mean if Grandfather likes it, then not only will this game keep your kids entertained, but your Parents and even your Grandparents as well. Which makes the Barbie Fashion Show Game a "Must Have"!

Therefore and Towit, and all those other cool words. Barbies4Sale is now offering this "Fantastic" game through (of whom we Are an affiliate), and look forward to hearing your reviews of the

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