My New Barbie Blog

I have decided to make this blog because I am a Barbie doll enthusiast, and I am not alone. After searching the internet for Barbie restoration and identification information, I felt there should be a place where a lot of these sites and blogs should be linked. So I took it upon myself to oversee a blog where other Barbie enthusiasts like me can comment, question and learn. Important things like "how to restore a thrift shop Barbie" etc.
I'd just like to begin with these images of an old collection of mine. Some are now gone due to having children and moving many times.
I started the collection in 1996 once I discovered the "Dolls of the World" collection. They were some of the most beautiful dolls I had ever seen! I was living in Phoenix Arizona at the time, working at an animation studio, and I was thrilled to see how many dolls were available at the local Toys R Us! They were quite affordable too!
I still have the doll of Anastasia, although I don't think she was made by Mattel. That was the film I was working on at the time, therefore, I HAD to get her.
The Pocahontas wearing the real deerskin outfit and matching moccasins is from Sedona Arizona. A native woman there made the outfits and sold them for the dolls.

The only dolls I have left from the bottom shelf are the Thailand Barbie and well as two India Barbies at the far left.

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