Rare Barbie Magical Mansion Dream House For Sale!

This is it!
This is your chance to pick up the Extremely Rare, Barbie Magical Mansion for a Real Bargain!

Why do I say that?
Because this is no ordinary Barbie Magical Mansion.

This, is a "Fixer-Upper"!

Seller says;
We have all the parts for the house, and most of the furniture, the house is in nice condition.

There is some minor discoloration on the columns in the front and some of the poles that hold the bottom and second floor together inside have faded. You can see in the pictures that the discoloration is just the pink that has faded. It's not that bad though.

I don't have the box.

I might be willing to ship if the buyer wants to pay for it!

I would like to sell it in the next month or so.

I have the front chandelier, tons of furniture, the bathroom vanity, the fireplace, and the inside chandelier.

We tried batteries in it tonight and they didn't work. I think though the metal parts inside where you put the batteries need to be sanded. I am sure someone electrically savy can get them to work.

And now for the Best part.
As the seller also says;

"Make Offer!"


  1. Hello
    Has this Barbie Magical Mansion sold yet??? If Not I am interested...Let me know, and I well reply with my offer, as I would also need for it to be shipped.
    Thank you

  2. I would also like to know if it has been sold. Extremely interested in purchasing

    1. I realize this is an old post and I'm guessing the mansion already sold. But if you're still looking to purchase the Barbie Magical Mansion, I just put one up for sale


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