Do you have some Barbie Dolls

I think most of women use to play and someone also collecting until today. It is believed that there are well over a hundred thousand women that own these wonderful collectible dolls. Nearly all these women not girls and about ten percent of Barbie collectors are male as well. Over the years, Barbie has managed to stay in tune with her owners, in dress, physical appearance and at the same time maintain her unique sweetness that has captured the hearts of generations of young girls.
Barbie: Destiny's Child - Beyonce Doll
Barbie: Destiny’s Child – Beyonce Doll
A Barbie girl was portrayed to have the perfect face, figure, clothes and accessories. Barbie girl accessories did not only include items like shoes and bags but extended to items like fur, furniture and even a car and a Malibu House.

Moreover the women that own such collections are statistically usually in their forties and purchase an average of twenty such dolls each year, sometimes spending about a thousand or more dollars in the process.
Barbie has been a hit since it was launched in 1959 and has enslaved children and adult alike with her charm. Perhaps, not a single consumer exists without being aware of who or what a Barbie girl is, even though it has been over 50 years since the first Barbie was produced.
Barbie Doll
Photo: tycn16
Being one of the most sought after products in the world of doll industry, a Barbie doll has definitely a great potential because of its increasing value. It more than dolls, the Barbie girl image has branched out into other areas like actual fashion for girls. It is like the Barbie girl image was too much to be contained and has spread on to areas like printed materials in the form of books, movies, games and life sized accessories like notebooks and others.
From young girls, teenagers up to older women who were fond of collecting dolls-especially vintage dolls-Barbie has become quite a community. Do you thinking about Barbie, find more Barbie for your collection.

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